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The Day We Fought Back

On February 11th, dozens of large organizations and websites and thousands of smaller ones mobilized their members and visitors to demand an end to broad suspicion-less surveillance.

These organizations are taking massive action against mass spying. They drove tens of thousands of phone calls to lawmakers to demand that the NSA’s mass spying programs be reined in. Click here to see the site.

Facebook Introduces Donate Now Feature

Facebook has launched a Donate Now button to help nonprofits collect donor information without sending them offsite to the organization’s website. The site will pay the processing fees, so the full donated amount goes to the organization – in return, Facebook collects user billing data (users can choose to delete this data from their profile).

The feature is being beta tested by 19 nonprofits including Kiva, Boys And Girls Club Of America, World Wildlife Fund, UNICEF and Red Cross; it will launch more widely once the testing ends. You can sign up here to get information when the program expands.

The feature is an added benefit for organizations that want to run social fundraising campaign as it eliminates users having to leave Facebook to make a donation and saves you the processing fees. While some recent  research suggests that people who like nonprofits on social media are “slacktivists” and unlikely to donate, we anticipate the ability to share your donation activity will help overcome that challenge.

Consider Facebook’s donation capabilities as a way to supplement your online giving campaigns and attract first time donors by asking current supporters to invite friends. Donation requests are often more successful when they come from a trusted friend as opposed to an organization. Online donors tend you be younger, more affluent and more generous than their offline peers, but they can also be fickle, so it’s important that you follow up with donors off the site to thank them and offer additional ways to engage with your organization.

Share Your Story. Inspire Change.

Spitfire has been working with the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) to launch an exciting project that invites people to share their personal moments when they felt a strong, meaningful connection to the environment through a video, picture or written post on These “aha” moments taught them something new, altered their perspective, or inspired them to change the way they interact with the environment.

As it turns out, stories are an incredibly powerful way to get a message across. The response was enormous. People posted diverse stories with a wide variety of inspiring moments, ranging from the time they decided to go organic, to the day a sunrise changed their view on the world, to how friends, families and even turtles inspired them to take better care of the Earth.

Once they had posted their own Earth Changing Moment, many began to share it with their friends and social media followers, who in turn shared their own stories. What started as a simple story grew into a chain of inspiration, demonstrating the power of storytelling and how small moments in one’s everyday life can create large impact.

Interested in sharing YOUR Earth Changing Moment? Go to and tell us about it!

Executive Training Program 2014 Registration Now Open

Spitfire Strategies is now accepting candidates for its 2014 Executive Training Program. This intensive, year-long communication training helps nonprofit leaders hone their communication skills while building the overall communication capacity and effectiveness of their organizations. Through a series of in-person trainings, tailored one-on-one coaching and monthly webinars, Spitfire's Executive Training Program gives participants the skills and resources needed to direct high-impact communication programs that lead to lasting social change. Learn further details here.

Want Influence? Eliminate Your Blind Spots

Spitfire Strategies offers advocacy organizations a new guide for creating the influence needed to achieve their social change goals. Click here to download the full report and start wielding stronger influence today.