Smart Chart 3.0

tenth anniversary

Get the Smart Chart 3.0 now.

The Smart Chart™– now in a special tenth anniversary edition – is one of the most widely used, in-demand and effective tools we’ve got. We call it “Smart” because it helps you make smart decisions for high-impact results—every step of the way.

Designed specifically for foundations and nonprofits, the Smart Chart walks you through six logical steps to a truly strategic communications plan. If you have a goal, the Smart Chart can help you build a smart strategy to reach it. And if you don’t have a goal, the Smart Chart will help you get one—no, seriously, it really will. It’s been so widely received and successful, we even had it translated into Spanish.

Smart Chart 3.0 is also available online, so that you can craft winning communications plans right away.

Easy. Straightforward. Effective. And Free.