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Cooking for people and the planet

Clean Cooking Alliance

Clean Cooking Alliance

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves came to Spitfire when the organization’s leaders realize their brand identity wasn’t providing an accurate introduction, and it was confusing some audiences who met them. The group collaborated with Spitfire to make the case that no one’s life should be limited by how they cook – and what the alliance is doing to create positive outcomes for people and the planet.

The organization’s work began with a focus on clean cookstoves that would transform the lives of women who use them around the world, their health and the air quality in their homes and communities. But the work evolved to include other approaches to clean cooking, and the brand needed to reflect that.

Spitfire worked in partnership with Alliance staff to review and create new content to bring the brand to life. The brand refresh resulted in a new name: the Clean Cooking Alliance, which broadens the scope of their focus and continues to convey collaboration and partnership. The new color palette built on the familiar green and blue tones, indicating relationships to the topics of environment and health, and injected energy and a more modern look with orange and other complementary colors. Images all feature people interacting with each other to demonstrate partnership and the connection this issue has to people every day. Further, Spitfire developed messages that conveyed the Alliance's values around inclusivity, the health of people and well-being of our planet.

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