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Spitfire XX: Fearless. Fresh. Focused. Anniversary blog series

As we turn 20, we’re reflecting and we’re planning for the days and years ahead. And we remain committed to learning and sharing what we learn along the way. Please check out blog posts like this one in our Spitfire XX: Fearless. Fresh. Focused. anniversary series, which features insights from Spitfire staff, alumni, clients and other partners. 

Q: What’s your name and professional organization?

A: Adam Bink, Spitfire Strategies 


Q: Looking ahead, I’m going to be fearless about _____.

A: Pushing those who obstruct progress on climate change. 


Q: Throughout my work, I’ll see fresh perspectives by _____.

A: Consulting those who do not look like me and asking them to share their experiences rather than assuming. 


Q: I’m focused on achieving outcomes such as _____.

A: Changing perspectives on challenging issues like abortion and LGBTQ equality.


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