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Brelaun Douglas

Senior Account Manager


Brelaun Douglas is a creative communicator who advocates for diversity in storytelling to ensure people of color are part of important conversations. She is passionate about helping people tell their stories and spark conversations around environmental injustice, education and animal welfare.

At Spitfire, Brelaun uses her organizational, research, writing and storytelling skills to support clients focused on making education more equitable and accessible. A life-long book lover, she has a deep desire for everyone to have access to literacy and education.

Brelaun is an alumna of Howard University where she studied online journalism, and New York University where she studied multimedia journalism. Prior to joining Spitfire, she was a journalist and editor with SWNS Media/ Talker News, focusing on feature writing, particularly about people striving to make change regarding injustices or bring awareness to medical conditions.

Brelaun is a proud native of Sacramento, California. Outside of work, she spends the bulk of her time reading sci-fi and fantasy novels and hanging out with her black Labrador, Eclipse.