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Erin Uy

Managing Senior Vice President

Erin Uy Headshot

It all begins with a good story. Today, Erin is a storyteller with the hopes that her stories will help move people toward lasting social change and make the world a better, safer and equitable place.

Erin will help to tackle any issue, from health and wellbeing, economic security, early childhood development, gender and racial equity, gun violence to access to clean water. She focuses on developing smart, strategic communications that put out the right message, with the right voice, on the right platform, and at the right time. Her clients have included Ascend at The Aspen Institute, Louisiana Bar Foundation, Raising a Reader, and Hope and Heal.

Prior to joining Spitfire, Erin served as vice president at Finn Partners. She applied her expertise and knowledge to serving the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, and a range of other national and local clients. She developed messages, conducted research, and led communication strategies to raise awareness and motivate action. Erin has helped amplify the call for schools safe from gun violence, move families to find high-quality child care for their children, and train nonprofit leaders in New Orleans to be stronger communicators and ultimately advocates for their communities.

In her earlier years, Erin was a print reporter in the DC area and California, writing on local issues. She also previously worked as a communication and marketing manager for Advance CTE, supporting state efforts to expand and improve career and technical education programs across the nation.

It’s been nearly 20 years since Erin moved from Hawaii to the DC area, but she still hates the cold and snow.