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Natalia Orozco

Senior Account Manager

Natalia O

Natalia Orozco is an ardent believer in the power of strategic communication to bring forth radical change. She approaches all her work with deep empathy, natural curiosity, a passion for people, and an unrelenting desire to leave the world a little better than she found it. At Spitfire, Natalia has the pleasure of working on a range of issues, including environmental education and public interest technology.  

A first-generation American, Natalia became passionate about social change by witnessing and experiencing racism and xenophobia, which led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in journalism. With the support and mentorship of her undergraduate professor Mario Murillo, Natalia combined her multimedia production skills and advocacy – creating radio, video, and print stories about immigration, the fight for marriage equality, and the war on drugs. Natalia furthered her communication skills at the University of Oregon, where she received her master’s degree in strategic communication. It is also where she first met Erin Hart and learned about Spitfire’s great work. 

Prior to Spitfire, Natalia was the director of brand strategy and communication at the nonprofit organization National Crittenton. Her work there focused on issues impacting cis and trans young women and gender-expansive young people impacted by trauma. This experience firmly rooted her in asset-based, intersectional and trauma-informed approaches that center the lived experience of those most impacted by oppression and injustice. Her time there included helping plan and promote the organization’s first and second national gatherings, leading rebranding efforts, and building out the organization’s communications infrastructure. 

Natalia lives in Portland, OR with her partner Jackson Hathaway and her dog Sammie. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking elaborate meals, dancing, writing prose, covering Chris Stapleton songs with her partner, spending time outdoors, and exploring the Portland food and beverage scene.  

Natalia O