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Trung Nguyen

Project Coordinator


After completing his university studies in Vietnam, Trung Nguyen then spent nearly five years as a manager in his home country before embarking on the journey to the United States. Upon arriving in the United States in 2008, he faced the challenge of learning a new language and adapting to a different culture. Trung managed multiple jobs while being a student, striving for a better life. These temporary roles, though demanding, instilled in him a strong determination to overcome obstacles.

Upon college graduation, Trung secured a role as an accountant at a software company specializing in serving non-profit organizations. During his five years there, he amassed considerable experience in accounting and acclimated to the work environment in his adopted homeland. In 2021, he seized an opportunity to join the Spitfire team as a staff accountant, a move that brought him great joy. Working at Spitfire introduced a refreshing change in work culture, diverging from the monotony of number crunching. At Spitfire, a sense of mutual care and collaboration pervaded all aspects, transcending departmental boundaries and unifying company members. Trung found both blessing and honor in living and working with Spitfire.

Beyond work, Trung finds pleasure in playing tennis and watching movies. His preferred fruits are mangosteen and durian. He aspires to visit Ha Long Bay in the future, a place he perceives as a true paradise.