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Driving environmental action for a sustainable future

Seventh Generation

Seventh Gen

Seventh Generation is one of the leading home care product companies working to protect our environment. As a B Corps member, the company already used recycled and post-consumer materials in its packaging, along with biodegradable and plant-based ingredients in its products. Seventh Generation is also one of the leading company voices advocating for action to secure a safe, healthy climate for the next seven generations and reached out to Spitfire to help engage consumers. Spitfire was charged with identifying ways to persuade consumers to accelerate up the “ladder of engagement” — to go from buying detergent to buying detergent and contacting state legislators to demand they take action to end fossil fuel use and transition our economy to renewable energy. 

Spitfire created a communications plan to guide that work, then went to work engaging consumers. Together with Seventh Generation, we create compelling e-action alerts and social media copy to highlight critical fights such as defeating the 2022 permitting reform bill and Climate, Jobs & Justice Act in New York State; unpack issues such as the discussion about gas stoves and the pathway to energy independence in the wake of skyrocketing gas prices; and spotlight profiles of grassroots advocates to inspire action. This work helped identify new audience members for Seventh Generation’s advocacy work, which in turn helped meet email list growth goals in 2022. This work continues today as we work with the Seventh Generation team to secure a safe, healthy climate for today’s communities and the next seven generations. 

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