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Partnerships between creators and nonprofits can change the game.

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Video platforms like TikTok and YouTube are the next frontier of media and in spite of their reported precarity at times, they will continue to be the means by which millions of people receive information. Content creators are the engines that make them run. Creators who make, edit and post videos on these platforms are building authentic relationships with audiences online that lead not just to high view rates, but sustained engagement. 

At a time when people across the political spectrum can’t seem to find common ground and trust in traditional news media is at an all time low, social justice movements need to lean into partnerships with these content creators to educate and activate audiences on pressing social issues. Zactivist phone

Spitfire partnered with Impact Guild, supported by MacArthur Foundation, to conduct a landscape review on the state of creators’ engagement on social issues today. We wanted to know what content creators need to do more of this and to do it well, how to ensure this work is sustainable for them given that for many content creation is their livelihood, and how they might be able to deliver content at scale. 

We surveyed a diverse group of more than 50 content creators and interviewed 17 experts in the field to help answer these questions and map the existing ecosystem at the intersection of social justice and the creator economy.

Our findings and recommendations are outlined in a new report: StitchThis! Content Creators and Prospects for Social Justice Communications.

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