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Brand identity and strategy

  • Developing brand language
  • Crafting or updating visual identities
  • Positioning organizations for success

Coalition, connection and network building

  • Forging strategic partnerships 
  • Planning convenings
  • Sustaining networks

Combating disinformation

  • Conducting research
  • Developing media strategy
  • Creating compelling messages

Communication planning

  • Conducting audience research
  • Developing goals and tactics
  • Creating compelling messaging

Crisis communication

  • Conducting rapid response 
  • Monitoring social media sentiment
  • Developing effective messaging

Digital strategy

  • Crafting social media strategies
  • Planning and executing website strategy
  • Executing paid and organic campaigns

Ethical and visual storytelling

  • Cultivating a storytelling culture
  • Fostering empowerment through stories
  • Gathering and developing stories collaboratively 

Frame, narrative and message development

  • Crafting effective messages
  • Researching and developing strategic frames
  • Researching and developing winning narratives

Media relations

  • Developing outreach strategies
  • Training messengers 
  • Pitching to break through the noise

Policymaker engagement

  • Cultivating effective outreach
  • Developing messages that stick 
  • Supporting implementation 

Communication resources

Getting started? Give us a call or check out these tools designed to help you develop winning strategies.

Spitfire in action
Spitfire in action

Partners for change

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. The greatest impact comes from tailored, well-planned strategies. With a wide array of communication services, ranging from storytelling to messaging to research and analysis on your issues, Spitfire starts from the ground up and creates a plan that’s specific to your needs. It's how we’ve helped hundreds of clients make their goals a reality – and it’s how we’ll work with you to achieve yours.

Think of us as your rapid-response team of experts, available as much or as little as you want. Need to learn how to communicate with the media about your issues? We have you covered. Struggling to refresh your organization’s brand? We can help. Trying to create a comprehensive communication plan that will help you advance your issue? Give us a call. 

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