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Lillian Simko

Senior Account Executive


 Lillian is a strong believer in using strategic communications to bridge the gap between people and progressive movements. At Spitfire, Lillian aids in strategic communication planning, research and project support for clients working towards radical change.   

Coming to Spitfire with a background in sales, Lillian values client relationships and strives to ensure the work exceeds expectations. During her time in sales, Lillian realized she wanted to shift her career; she desired to do something that made a difference and had a bigger impact. Lillian joined Spitfire with a passion for social change and a desire to see each client succeed. Combined, these factors drive her to connect on a personal level to each client and approach her work each day with empathy and commitment to implementing lasting change.    

Lillian graduated with a B.A. in American studies from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. She currently lives in Portland, OR with her partner Chris and far too many houseplants. In her spare time, she loves skiing down or climbing up a mountain, devouring a new book, spending time outdoors with friends or in the kitchen attempting to make something delicious (but probably just making a mess).