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Partnership on AI

Partnership on AI

Spitfire partnered with the Partnership on AI (PAI) to build both internal and external communications capacity and strengthen the profiles of PAI’s CEO and leading researchers and experts in the field. Over the course of our work together, Spitfire finalized communications plans for each of PAI’s priority initiatives – including artificial intelligence (AI) and media integrity; AI, labor and the economy (AILE); inclusive design and research; and safety-critical AI – and, based on our strategic recommendations, we identified and led media outreach efforts around each issue area at a national and global scale. 

Specifically, Spitfire partnered with the communications and AILE teams to identify conferences and events for lifting up the AILE work, using the partnership with Boston Review as a hook. In doing so, our team conceptualized, pitched and organized a panel with the San Francisco Public Library to lift up PAI’s partnership with the Boston Review and AILE work. The event was held on Nov. 9, 2021, and featured AILE researcher Stephanie Bell, PAI partner Andrea Dehlendorff, and local science journalist and sci-fi author Annalee Newitz.

In January and February 2022, Spitfire continued to work with PAI to build communications skills and capacity by developing a tailored two-day media training for PAI’s research team to review and provide feedback on PAI’s new message platform, practice 30- to 60-second spiels for key audiences, and discuss tips and strategies for interacting with the media. The training resulted in the finalization of PAI’s institutional messaging.

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