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Eddie Aldrete

Account Coordinator


Eddie combines his photography education and background with his commitment to the rights and safety of transgender people, his interests in social advocacy and environmental issues, and refusing to be complacent to the needs of others. As a photographer, Eddie understands the impact of messaging and how it is essential to creating positive change. Conveying intention and connecting with an audience is his standard for success.

Prior to joining Spitfire, Eddie honed his skills in photography and strategic branding. He worked as a photo editor at an editorial travel company finding images that best highlighted the published stories. It was during this time that Eddie came across an organization in Oaxaca, Mexico that provides free services to newborns and kids to fix their cleft lip and palate. He offered his services – pro bono – to create imagery for the foundation. Realizing that he could use his intersectional communications skills, photography expertise and interest in social advocacy to create change, Eddie looked to find an organization that aligned with his social values and concerns in the world.

Alongside studying photography, Eddie competed on his college’s forensics team. As a first-gen, queer, Latinx individual he created speeches and debate topics ranging from the origins of fake news to how our government does not protect minority groups.

During his free time, Eddie loves being out in nature whether hiking or riding his bike. He recently picked up indoor rock climbing and sees it as his best new hobby, but photography remains his first love.