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5M Meals Campaign

Georgia Organics

Georgia Organics GO GROW

Our Assignment

Georgia Organics and its partners launched the 5 Million Meals Campaign, an ambitious effort to get 5 million meals made with locally grown food served in K-12 cafeterias across Georgia. To succeed, Georgia Organics needed to engage and persuade school nutrition directors, parents and farmers that choosing locally grown school food was important. 

What We Did 

Spitfire partnered with Georgia Organics to create compelling messaging to persuade school nutritionists, parents and farmers to take part in the 5 Million Meals Campaign. The campaign trumpeted the value of locally grown food and motivated schools to take the 5 Million Meals pledge. 

The Results 

The resulting program and messaging was incredibly successful. Forty Georgia school districts, from the northeast corner of the state to the Florida border, communities small and large, pledged to serve their students local food. Additionally, Georgia Organics brought new partners into its Farm to School program, strengthened its relationships with Georgia’s Department of Health and Department of Agriculture, as well as school nutrition directors across the state. Finally, with Spitfire’s help, Georgia Organics generated significant traditional and social media coverage, sparking conversations about the importance of locally grown food in schools. 

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