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Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health

Aspen Institute

Spitfire leading a meeting.

When the Aspen Institute decided to launch the Global Leaders Council for Reproductive Health, they turned to Spitfire to help them develop a visual identity and messaging for the new entity.

The goal was to distinguish the Council within the crowded reproductive health field as an unparalleled effort to build political will for greater investment in this sometimes controversial area.

The Council includes many sitting and former heads of state, all unified by one clear vision. To pick up on the unifying nature of the Council, Spitfire developed a pared down, circular logo that included simple design elements and a single color. The font and color family stayed within the Aspen Institute’s brand family so that the Council could be identified as an Aspen initiative. Spitfire also developed a style guide that emphasized a restrained, modern layout to allow the powerful names and words of the Council members take center stage in all materials.

Because the primary objective of the Global Leaders Council is to build support for reproductive health among other world leaders, Spitfire worked with Aspen to develop messaging that resonates with this audience. Messaging emphasized evidence that links improved access to reproductive health with global development outcomes. The first public statement from the Council was an advertisement developed by Spitfire timed with the 2010 G8/G20 Summit. It included quotes from leaders including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon that argued lack of progress in achieving universal access to reproductive health could imperil other vital development goals. 

Spitfire’s work with the Aspen Institute ensured that all members of the Council had the messages and data to make a compelling case to their peers for increased investments in this area.

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