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When DPLA reached out to Spitfire, they needed help. They didn’t have a communications director and they needed Spitfire to play that role until they filled the position. So, for six months, Spitfire managed DPLA’s day-to-day communications needs, which included managing social media channels and a quarterly newsletter and drafting press releases and statements. 

For #GivingTuesday, Spitfire developed a social media campaign for DPLA to encourage their followers to donate. The campaign included carefully curated social media graphics about DPLA’s work, as well as messages that would resonate with their followers (e.g. “knowledge should be free and accessible to all”). 

In addition to managing DPLA’s day-to-day communications needs, Spitfire also developed narratives for their three areas of work – cultural artifacts, e-books and innovation. The purpose of these narratives was to help DPLA leaders talk about their work in a clear and compelling way – specifically in rooms with DPLA board members, funders and donors. 

Speaking of donors, Spitfire recently helped DPLA think through how to increase the number of donors who regularly donate to the organization, including potential development consultants who might be helpful. 

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