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Farm to Fork

Farm to fork image of crops.

Bringing cross-sector allies together to advocate for meaningful farm and food policies, the Farm to Fork Initiative is an example of highly effective message and strategy coordination.

Spitfire partners with Arabella Advisors to co-lead the Farm to Fork Initiative, which convenes advocates from across the food policy spectrum to share policy strategy, identify opportunities for collaboration and develop shared messaging for specific policy battles. The Initiative involves working closely with the Farm to Fork steering committee, which includes Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the Environmental Working Group, Food Policy Action, the Food Research and Action Center, the National Resource Defense Council, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Today, a coalition of more than 50 advocacy groups that represent a diverse array of interests and issues are using this messaging to engage moderate and swing voters and their representatives to support policies that will lead to a stronger food system that works for all Americans.

As part of this work, Spitfire developed a Good Food Message Guide and provided trainings for steering committee organizations’ staff on how to utilize the messaging. Developed from Spitfire-led public opinion research including focus groups and a national survey about how moderate and swing voters think about issues related to food, the guide provides a roadmap for connecting food policy with voters’ values and priorities to engage them and move them to action.

As key policy moments such as the introduction of the 2019 budget and the introduction of the Farm Bill arise, the cross-sector Farm to Fork Initiative coalition is there to show to show coordination of the “Good Food Movement” calling for policies to support a better food system.

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