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Change Can’t Wait 

Stupski Foundation

Stupski Foundation

Stupski Foundation came to Spitfire in 2018 for help developing their core messaging and to launch their communication channels. We started by doing a communication audit to better understand their current brand, communication strengths and opportunities for improvement. This included conducting stakeholder interviews with key staff and stakeholders, reviewing their existing communication materials and making strategic recommendations for how to take their communications to the next level. Since then, we have been Stupski’s firm of record – helping the foundation launch and run its new website, Twitter page and e-newsletter, and supporting its program directors on strategic communication efforts in their grantmaking areas, including food security, end of life care, early brain development and post-secondary success. 

Stupski is unique in that it is a place-based spend down foundation – investing approximately $250 million over the next 10 years in the communities it calls home, the California Bay Area and Hawaii. We have worked closely with their team to identify opportunities for the foundation to be a thought leader in philanthropy – sharing what it has learned through its strategic investments and encouraging other foundations to give with greater urgency.This effort includes helping the foundation to land on its tagline, Change Can’t Wait, and supporting its CEO and communications director to develop compelling blog posts, op-eds and digital communications to make the most of its voice and influence before Stupski closes its doors in 2029. 

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