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How to talk about school district improvement

California Education Partners

Cal Ed

Learning and improving are personal activities for individuals and organizations. So how do you convey the custom nature of this work while promoting confidence in making it happen? As California Education Partners (Ed Partners) geared up to reach more partners, it recognized the importance of ensuring its brand conveyed a commitment to student success via the educators it works with at all levels of school districts. Ed Partners reached out to Spitfire to work together again and clarify its brand as a partner who’s walked in your shoes and stands by your side – and shares a commitment to helping districts learn how to make their schools work better for all students and set them up to succeed in life. The brand promise describes how Ed Partners has been where teachers have been and see where they want to go, and that promise now guides Ed Partners in its tone and approach for introducing the organization’s work. And Spitfire is excited to further bring the brand to life by working with Ed Partners to collaborate on a strategic communication plan.

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