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Venture Philanthropy Partners


Spitfire worked with Venture Philanthropy Partners to create a strong brand statement and strategic communication plan to guide the organization’s outreach with priority audiences as it prepared to launch a new phase of funding. To inform branding and strategy decisions, Spitfire analyzed VPP’s communications assets and challenges and determined current perceptions among important stakeholders.

Spitfire then analyzed the organization’s print materials, website and Twitter page; conducted interviews with priority stakeholders; and reviewed past media coverage. Spitfire collaborated with VPP staff, investors and board members to craft a brand brief that outlined VPP’s unique niche, personality traits, and a new brand promise and narrative to serve as the foundation for the organization’s overall positioning. The research findings and brand brief informed a communication plan that outlined a series of activities to guide outreach and raise VPP’s profile among target audiences, including current and potential investors, grantees and partners across the philanthropy and government sectors. 

By working with Spitfire, VPP was able to develop a solid strategy for communicating about its work effectively and consistently with a variety of target audiences. This strategy helped lay the foundation for VPP to begin its next phase of funding to help improve the lives of children and youth in the National Capital Region.

Since early 2014, Spitfire has served as VPP’s communication arm. Spitfire worked with VPP to refresh the communication strategy and messaging developed in 2012. Using the new strategy, Spitfire has written speeches and presentations for VPP President and CEO Carol Thompson Cole; developed and distributed the organization’s monthly newsletter VPPNews; managed the organization’s Twitter account; and provided high-level strategic counsel and support.

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