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National Center for Family Philanthropy


The case for change in the family philanthropy field has been building as wealth and power disparities in our country have been widening. In 2021, on the heels of the country’s racial and social uprising, the National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) recognized the responsibility and critical opportunity for the sector. In launching NCFP’s new five-year-strategic plan, leadership understood the need to initiate and guide challenging conversations about effective family philanthropy; develop resources to enrich and expand the field; and lead activities to activate a meaningful, sustainable shift in how philanthropy operated and gave. 

NCFP and Spitfire engaged as thought partners to develop and implement a strategic communications approach to connect with the family philanthropy field and help move the sector toward its bold vision grounded in equity and justice. Spitfire developed the foundational language, narrative and visuals to articulate the organization’s drive and inform resources, including clear and compelling messages about its strategy and vision, audience-focused messages and a visual of its Family Giving Lifecycle. Spitfire worked with NCFP President and CEO Nicholas Tedesco with thought leadership pieces that communicate his commitment to listening deeply to the field, leading with humility and charging forward with the urgency to meet this critical moment.  

As NCFP moves forward with its strategic plan, Spitfire continues to provide communications support to help bring concepts to life, shape the narrative about effective family philanthropy and build momentum in the field. Spitfire is collaborating with NCFP’s program efforts to engage family philanthropy in meaningful discussion around family philanthropy, effective giving and equity and justice and move toward intentional practices and meaningful outcomes. 

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