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Recognizing leaders driving change

College Futures Foundation


How do you provide much-needed recognition to those driving change in higher education? College Futures partnered with Spitfire to create, launch and promote its first-ever video series, “Leaders Driving Change,” to recognize remarkable leaders and teams in California public higher education. Each team drives student equity, opportunity and success and commits to the mindset of continuous improvement – a commitment to reimagine their policies and programs to meet students’ ever-changing needs. The series celebrates those education professionals truly centering students, exploring innovations, working collaboratively and never settling for “good enough.”

Through the series, we connected with and featured the voices of leaders and teams across the California Community Colleges and California State University systems. In addition, “Leaders Driving Change” amplified the perspectives of collaborative faculty, community, and cross-system partners and students. Watch the series’ videos and profile features to learn from these successful champions of change and about how they create a sense of belonging and value for students on campus.

Important partners in this work – educational leaders at colleges and systems of higher education in California – are sharing these spotlights and further celebrating ways these individuals champion continuous improvement. The six outstanding leaders and teams featured in the series seek to inspire others to drive meaningful change and inform ways they can approach that work for all California students and their families – and our shared future.

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